Southwest Stream Frequently Asked Questions

What is Southwest Stream? Southwest Stream is an IPTV service bundled with Southwest Broadband Internet that brings you your favorite TV content utilizing an app running on a device such as a ROKU™, Android™ player, or web browser.

Does Southwest Broadband have local channels? Yes. We carry both the Minneapolis and Sioux Falls local ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox networks. Jackson and Lakefield city channels are also available.

What other TV channels do you offer? See our current channel lineup for a complete list of channels.

Where do I go to watch from my PC or manage my devices? Please visit to login and manage your devices or watch from your PC!

Where is service available? Southwest Stream is only available to customers that have a Southwest Broadband Internet connection.

I have multiple devices, how will that work? Every Southwest Stream subscriber can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously.

What about devices other than ROKU™, or Android™? At this time, Southwest Stream only supports ROKU™, Android™ or viewing on your computer using a web browser. On a Mac running Safari or Chrome, you can Airplay to Apple TV.

What equipment is supported?

Supported Devices
ROKU Ultra
ROKU Ultra Lt
Web Browser