Receive FREE Whole Home Wi-Fi

when you subscribe to a high-speed Internet plan of 250 Mbps , 500 Mbps, and 1 Gig

Whole Home Managed Wi-Fi

Your Home, Your Network

Our Whole Home Managed Wi-Fi service is a low-cost alternative to managing your wireless network. Our technology assures optimal Wi-Fi performance by providing you an advanced GigaSpire, plus additional Wi-Fi Mesh Access Points. You can also self-manage your Wi-Fi network with the simplicity of our Command IQ mobile app.

Our Managed Wi-Fi technology works seamlessly to:

  • Expand the Wi-Fi coverage in your home
  • Ensure mobile devices receive maximum bandwidth when you move from place to place
  • Enhances the performance of smart home devices
  • Helps to eliminate interference and areas with low or no Wi-Fi penetration

Combined with our professional remote tech support and our state-of-the-art software, we can quickly resolve most Wi-Fi issues with just a phone call. Our software is so advanced that many Wi-Fi issues will be resolved before you call.


CommandIQ is a free mobile app available to our Southwest Broadband Whole Home Managed Wi-Fi customers. Command IQ gives you complete control of your home network and all the devices attached to it. Set up parental controls, a guest network, run speed tests, change passwords, and more.

Download our App today to get started using our CommandIQ App!



Control at Your Fingertips


Setup is quick and easy. In just a few minutes you can set up your entire system.


The freedom to link your whole home and smart devices, all managed within the palm of your hand.


Get real-time updates on your network security.


Set up Parental Controls and regulate the web with ease.


Create a guest network - connect your friends and family with a small tap.


Manage guest access and network speeds.



What can I do with the CommandIQ?

Forgot your Wi-Fi network name or password?

No problem! You can now change this information anytime you want directly from the app. No need to pick up the phone and call anyone to make a simple fix yourself.

Are you concerned about how much time your kids are spending looking at screens?

No problem! You can now change this information anytime you want directly from the app. No need to pick up the phone and call anyone to make a simple fix yourself.

Do your kids take their devices to bed and stay up late looking at their screens?

Create bedtime routines so that your child’s devices get disconnected from the internet at a set time, and don’t reconnect until the next morning.

Tired of giving your network name and password to friends and family when they come over?

Create a guest network they can connect to without needing your actual network information. Text it directly to anyone you want to have access.

Concerned that your neighbors might be connecting to your Wi-Fi network?

Get alerts anytime a new device is connected, and see all devices connected at any time in the dashboard.

CommandIQ How To Guides

To learn more about setup and the various features available, view our Setup Guide or view the video below.