TV Packages

Southwest Stream services are available in combination with our High-Speed Internet and Voice services.


The Best Way to Experience TV. 

Southwest Stream is an IPTV service designed to bring you the best of live TV over your Southwest Broadband High-Speed Internet connection.

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Southwest Stream TV Provides

  • Instant Access: Watch your favorite local and national channels on any approved device (in-home / in-network).
  • High-Definition: Enjoy a crystal-clear picture as you view your shows in stunning HD format.
  • DVR Functionality: Life’s too short to live by someone else’s schedule. Record and watch TV when you want and where you want.

How Does It Work?

Southwest Stream is an IPTV service that provides a full cable TV experience through an approved device or a compatible Web Browser. You can watch all your favorite channels, including local broadcasts, on the same device you already enjoy Netflix™, Amazon™, Hulu™ and other favorite app content.

The Southwest Stream service is available exclusively to Southwest Broadband Internet subscribers and will be available within the same great bundles our customers have come to love.

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Replay TV and Restart TV

Replay TV allows you to select any program that has aired within the last 24 hours and replay that episode. Restart TV allows you to restart any programming that is currently airing.

Exciting New Features On

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Replay TV & Restart TV

Scroll back 24 hours and Replay your favorite shows

Restart the show you’re watching from the beginning

Pause, Fast Forward & Rewind by a click of a button

Follow the instructions below to use Replay TV & Restart TV

  1. From the Guide, use the scroll buttons on your remote to navigate to the program you want to watch.
  2. Once you have highlighted the program you would like to watch press either the asterisk (*) button (older Roku™ models) or the OK button (newer Roku™ models) to bring up the dialog box.
  3. When the Dialog Box appears, use the scroll button on your remote to move the purple highlight bar down to Replay. Replay is chosen regardless of whether you are wanting to replay or restart a program.
  4. Press OK to begin your program.

Now available on all supported Roku™ devices!
Coming soon to Android™, IOS™ & Web Apps!